woensdag 18 mei 2011

Ambassador for Sophie & Toffee

Hello everyone!
I recently became one of the ambassadors of Sophie & Toffee,
an online shop which sells all kind of deco and art supplies like cabochons, clay, kits, and so on.
If you are interested in these things, please check out their shop!
I wanted to became their ambassador because they have a wide variety of things available, not only ready made deco supplies but also clay, kits, findings, molds and miniatures.
I just love the items they sell and would buy 80% if I had an nonstopflowing cash supply. The owners are very nice and friendly too which I think is higly important in stores, on- and offline.
Their prices are also reasonable. And I just LOVE the name ^^ How cute is that, Sophie & Toffee, I always imagine a little girl in a giant milkshake/icecream for some reason ^^.This is what the other ambassadors have to say about Sophie & Toffee:
sassyNpunk loves Sophie and Toffee because they provide crafty people and small businesses with the best and most kawaii supplies around! Come check out all of our one of a kind pieces made with the help of Sophie and Toffee products @www.sassyNpunkBoutique.com"
"I love Sophie & Toffee because it's such a convenient and easy way tobuy Japanese craft materials... where you'd normally have to searchetsy for days to find all the items you need, I can just get them allfrom the one shop! I also like that you have a high standard of theproducts you select for your shop. You can never really determine thequality of an item from just photos, but I always feel a little moresecure shopping from a "real" store rather than a private seller. Andin my experience the items have been great in quality compared to whatI used to buy (especially the metal hardware!). And of course, thewebsite is totally cute and the staff is really lovely and helpful through the facebook page ♥" 
"I love Sophie & Toffee because I have a passion for crafting! The Sophie & Toffee website always brings a great deal of inspiration to me. I love all the cute products this company has to offer. I am so excited to be a part of the Sophie & Toffee family of ambassadors!"
You can expect a review of some of their newest items tomorrow!

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