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Featured: GentlemanBunny

First up in a series of feature posts: GentlemanBunny,
I have been a fan of hers for more than 1 year. She makes amazing little cute things,
one of her specialties is making little people from different movies and groups.
But I'll let her do the explanation.

1. Who are you and what do you do (decowise)?
My name is Päivi (or Shiri, or Gentlemanbunny as known in the internet world). I create tiny deco items using polymer clay. I usually sculpt miniature foods like cute cupcakes, cakes, sushi and make those into charms and jewelry (earrings, pendants, rings). But the sculptures are so tiny that they can also be used to decorate your phone or camera, for example.

2. When did you start working with clay/ to make little desserts and things?
I first started with real clay when I was a teenager. I made all sorts of pottery items (bowls, mugs and ornaments). But then after I found polymer clay, and saw how easy it was to use (that you could bake it in your regular kitchen oven, unlike real clay) I was hooked. The first items I ever made were tiny little figureens of animals like bunnies and cats. After awhile I begun to make miniature cakes, lollipops and other food related items.

3. Where do you get your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from everywhere - basically the daily life. I sometimes browse through cook books of flickr food photo galleries to get inspiration - and to challenge myself into making something I've never made before. I also get lot of inspiration from music and movies. It's fun to make miniature foods but I also love making miniature people, actors, musicians and movie characters.

4. You have a wide variety of things you make as we can see on your youtube channel, what are your favourite things to make? And what is your absolute favourite?
Well, bunnies are easy and fun to make. But they are also very delicate because of the tiny ears. Also, with bunnies you can make them into "sceneries". For example I've made easter bunnies, halloween (witch) bunnies, christmas (elf) bunnies and so on. It's fun to have a simple character which is easy to make and build something (foods or items) around it.

5. And lastly, do you have any tips/tricks that you want to share with our readers?
Love what you do and keep pushing yourself. When I make my tutorials I usually have an idea on my head, take some clay and press record on my camera. I don't reherse my tutorials and sometimes the sculptures end up looking very different from what I was thinking at first. You don't need a lot of clay or expensive tools. Just a few blocks of clay and some tools you could find around the house like a food knife and a toothpick are great to start with.

Thankyou very much for this little interview!

Here are some of my favourite videos of her:

If you want to see more of GentlemanBunny's creations you can visit her blog , her etsy, House of Mishibu and her deviantart.

(all photographs belong to GentlemanBunny and are posted with permission)

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  1. Oh I've seen her artwork and tutorials on Youtube and I know, she's just amazingly talented! And I've learned a lot from her too :)

  2. @Mini Mo: she is, isn't she! :D I love her work very much that's why I wanted her as the first featured artist on here ^^

  3. @Saltvinegar: haha :D It is, isn't it. I also keep watching them, they're so much fun! ^^