vrijdag 14 januari 2011

Sauce - part 1

You've made your icecream sunday, a cookie or whipped creamed your cellphone, but it just needs a little touch...
How about some sauce to top it off?

Fabric Paint(Fabric paint that dries a thick coat)
You can use fabric paint that dries up as a thick coat, pink for strawberry sauce, brown for chocolate sauce or caramel, ...
Beware that when it's fully dry, you can still make little indents in it for example with your nail. So maybe not that good choice if your item is going to get smashed around a lot, although most of the time this won't be a real problem.

Touch: rubbery
Finish: MatteDrying time: 2-5 hours-more (depends on the brand)
where to find it: craft store OR make it yourself

                                                                               Price: cheap-expensive (depends on the brand)

Hot Glue
Instead of using regular gluesticks for your hot gluegun, you can use coloured gluesticks! Jup, you can get them in pink, brown,
red, white, ... to make your decosauce.
Finish: matte
Drying time: a few hours or quicker
where to find it: online stores (etsy, ebay, ...), definitely check out your craft store too but I have never found it in mine
Price: depends...

(image: yippiekawaiiyeah!)

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