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Whipped cream - part 1

Whipped cream is a necessary thing when you're creating Sweets Deco
Now for one of the most asked question in Deco-land, how do you make whipped cream?
You have lot's of options in this case, we'll try to discuss them all.

The expensive kind of whipped cream, pure silicone.
This is actually the same as caulk (see below), but much more expensive. 
Touch: rubbery
Drying time: 3 days
where to find it: strapya, online Japanese stores, ...

Price: expensive
(image: Strapya)

This is a product used to fill in gaps between tiles, in the bathroom, outside, ...
You need a caulking gun or you won't get anything out of your tube.
 You can find this in any hardware store.
Most of the caulk-brands are toxic, so when working with this, work in a well ventilated room (set your windows open) or work outside. They also have a strong scent.
Now there are also non-toxic caulk brands.
Regular caulk has a very strong smell, though there is a caulk on the market that doesn't smell at all (GE
 SiliconeII, found at Home Depot).

This pipes very well. Get your caulking gun with your caulk tube inside (help) and pour some into a piping bag. (help scroll down)
You can also colour this by adding paint or even lipstick. (thanks to Kawaiifrenzy)
Be sure to use 100% silicone!

Touch: rubbery
Drying time: fully dried after 3 days
Where to find it: in your local hardware store, Home Depot, Brico, Hubo, ...
Price: really cheap
(image: Toolmonger)

Modeling Paste
If you don't feel like working with a toxic material, you can use Modeling Paste.
This is actually a material that painters use to bring texture in there acrylic paintings.
Since this is used in paintings you can also colour this with acrylic paint.
Touch: hard
Drying time: 1-2 days
where to find it: in your craftstore
Price: cheap - pricy

Polymer Clay
Instead of using a piping bag, you can use a whipped cream mold (or make your own), And you have your whipped cream.
Don't forget that you need to bake polymer clay though.
Needless to say, if you want to cover a whole surface this can take long.
Touch: hard
Drying time: as long as you have to bake (see package)
Where to find it: craft store
Price: cheap - pricy

written by Riechan

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  3. I using caulk (GE SiliconeII, found at Home Depot) too. Happy new year!!!

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