donderdag 25 november 2010


As you can see this website desperately needs a nicer lay-out and more decodenny.
And I'm asking you to help us!
How? That's simple, you are making us a header, background and button. (only if you like of course)

The prize? A featuring of your website/blog/Shop on this site which will last 'till your lay-out lasts.

The Rules:
- Deco-sweets and deco-den should be a part of your design.
- you can make this with paint, Photoshop, Paint shop Pro and every other program that's on the market.
For the header: 
- the max. width is 1350 pix.
- the max. hight is 300 pix.
- The text should be: All about Deco...
For the background:
- make it repeatable
For the button:
- The text should be: All about Deco
- It can be animated, that's up to you
- the desired measurements are 200 pix - 60 pix

If you are using other peoples photographs don't forget to ask them first!
You'll have 'till the 31th of December.
All entries will be sent to riechanster[at]gmail[dot]com

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